Bas & Errol

As little boys, they had a shared dream; joining the army. They wanted a physical and mental challenge and to see a lot of the world. About 10 years ago Bas and Errol met at the Marine Corps. They have firm discipline, great perseverance and they’d walk through fire for each other; these two found each other in these similar natures. They appeared to have many similarities; the drive to make the most of everything and to realize new ideas.

But why trade hanging from helicopters, jumping from planes, the tough discipline and operating under all circumstances for a Boutique Boxing Gym? Simple: defence crosses national boundaries and that’s exactly what these two do to you: they push your boundaries.

This is how, in 2013, the idea for a mobile training container (the DeplymentBox) arose, which can be used for outdoor companies, but also for broadcasts + their own web shop for CrossFit materials. With this the seed was planted to start their own company and they are now successful with an exclusive deal delivering CrossFit materials and DeploymentBoxes to the entire Defence organization.

Errol and Bas know that you are looking for motivating training sessions that help you achieve results. But also a place where you can be yourself socially. Because really, there is:

  • Never enough time
  • Never enough motivation
  • Never enough variation on offer
  • Never something that is innovative or original

And that’s LUCIE: the first Boxing Boutique Gym in Rotterdam. An outlet, where you can leave your daily hectic life. Feel welcome to join us!

Lucie Logo

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with a boxing discipline in a motivating “club” atmosphere. Not a fight but a cool party! Train on a nice beat and get superfast results with our six punches formula.

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