Boxing therapy

Boxing therapy - Ideal addition to classic treatments

Are you not feeling well? Would you like to feel happy again and be in control of your emotions? Then read about what you can do about it.

Have you ever thought about boxing therapy? It is increasingly used as an effective means of processing traumatic experiences, if you are struggling with negative feelings or if you are under stress. With boxing therapy, you become (more) aware of your own behaviour, you recognise and break through patterns. Feeling physically is very close to feeling emotionally.

Boxing therapy - Intensive training for both body and mind

Are you struggling with burnout, stress, burnout or PTSD? Then the negative feelings and emotions that come with it can hinder your functioning in your family, your work and in society. Usually, "normal" help is sought, such as EMDR or cognitive behavioural therapy. But did you know that boxing therapy is a perfect complement to these? This is because you address and train both your body and your mind.

Boxing is intensive. With boxing therapy, you release your deeper feelings and become more balanced again. You learn to feel what is happening in your body, but you also learn to deal with tension and obstacles in the right way. In addition, boxing therapy is a good outlet. Therefore, many coaches, therapists and psychologists recommend boxing therapy as an addition to their treatment. They recommend it especially for various forms of behavioural and communication problems.

Boxing therapy - The benefits

We list the benefits of boxing therapy for you:

  • You express who you are personally

If you want to learn to use boxing as a therapy, you activate your whole body. You learn how to move and to feel where your strength comes from. In addition, you learn to make noise, because without sound and good breathing, you cannot get everything out of your body. Please note: boxing is a means, never a goal in itself.

  • You become aware of your own emotions

Physical stimuli are usually based on emotion. When you box, your body is more active and you learn to place your emotions better.

  • You become aware of your own behaviour

Chances are that how you act in boxing says a lot about how you behave in everyday life.

boxing classes

The boxing basics you learn at LUCIE

You have never boxed before but would like to start? Go for it! LUCIE offers boxing basics classes, where you learn the right technique and posture. You can enjoy an hour of boxing in a safe and nice environment with a motivating atmosphere in Rotterdam. There is no physical contact, but you will master the basics in no time.

Do you want to work on your personal goals? At LUCIE we offer both private (personal training) and group boxing lessons. View here The personal training offer.


Take a look in our timetable and book your boxing basics class right away. Want more information first? Then please contact us or drop by for a trial lesson.

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