Boxing training Rotterdam

Learn to box properly in Rotterdam!

Building up fitness, doing strength training and all to a nice beat? Come boxing at LUCIE! We offer both group classes and personal training, let you exercise intensively but most of all: have fun. We do this by boxing on a good beat and with led lights. Read here how we teach you boxing.

Boxing training in Rotterdam
There are several boxing and gyms in Rotterdam where you can take a boxing training. Experience what suits you. Do you find physical contact challenging and maybe you want to box in competitions? Then a real boxing school is something for you. Do you like to train in a group of like-minded people without blue eyes, feel welcome at LUCIE in Rotterdam. Our community consists of a nice diverse mix of men and women and there is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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Group boxing class

Group training Rotterdam
At LUCIE you can choose between group lessons and personal training. A group lesson motivates and the trainer tells you exactly what to do. You live it up for 50 minutes on the aquabags (water bag). The training sessions are suitable for everyone: male and female, beginner and advanced. The group classes are taught by pleasantly disturbed certified trainers.
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And did you know that we have a live DJ every Thursday night during group classes?
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Learn boxing in Rotterdam
Learn the six punches at LUCIE in Rotterdam.

LUCIE makes building your fitness with boxing just a little more enjoyable with the Six punches formula. This is already a trend in New York and LUCIE has transferred it to the Netherlands. Sporting, musical and visual elements are alternated with each other. You will build up your condition with HIIT and you will train to a nice beat!

Before you can rock hard on the aquabags, your basic posture and technique must be good. You will learn this during the lessons. Which punches are recurring during the workouts can be read here.

1. Jab
Thejabis one of the most commonly used punches during boxing. It is a fast, direct punch that you make with the forehand. With this jab, you want to hit your opponent or the aquabag via the shortest route and therefore depart from cover in a straight line towards the target and also in a straight line back again.

2. Cross
Across is also a direct punch and is performed with the back hand also called the punching hand. In a cross you punch with your dominant hand, this can be left or right depending on the boxing stance which can be left front (Orthodox) or right front (Southpaw). This punch also departs in a straight line from cover towards the target and back again.

3. Angle of forehand & angle of hindquarters
The angle is made by turning the body in and landing the arm which is at an angle of about 90 degrees horizontally against the target. In this punch you can choose to keep the fist horizontal or vertical, i.e. you are looking into your glove or against the thumb side of your glove. What is important is that the target is hit with the front of the fist. The power of the angle is mainly in the speed with which the body is turned in. When placing the angle, make sure that the hand you are not punching with remains in cover. At the angle, you want to hit the aquabag on the side.

4. Uppercut forehand & uppercut hindquarters
In the uppercut or "uppercut," the fist leaves in a more vertical motion toward the target. This punch can be placed with either the forehand or the hindhand and is usually used to hit the opponent under the chin. By slightly lowering the shoulder of the hand with which you intend to deliver the uppercut you create more room to turn in and will land this punch even more powerfully. Punch in an upward motion and land the punch on the lower part of the aquabag. Reinforce the punch by turning in powerfully with the body and setting off with one of the legs. When placing the uppercut, make sure that the hand you are not punching with remains in cover.

Boxing stance
The Orthodox boxing stance where the left foot is in front is the most common in the sport. Out of a natural reaction, most people who are right-footed go left-front. In this boxing stance the strong hand is behind hence it is also called punching hand.

The space between the feet is about shoulder width and feet are slightly turned in to the right so the upper body automatically follows. We want to offer the upper body in this way so that the contact area for the opponent is smaller than if we offered ourselves frontally. We place the elbows against the side of our ribs. The fist of the back hand goes against the jaw and the front hand we place slightly in front of the face at the level of the chin. The shoulder line we raise slightly and the chin goes down. The eyes we keep on the target.

Never boxed before?
Have you never boxed before? Or would you like to spend an extra hour improving your technique and building fitness? Then book a boxing class Lucie Boxing Basics in the schedule. Here you will learn the proper techniques and stances, which you can put into practice during group classes or personal training sessions.

Boxing training for women in Rotterdam
The trainings are suitable for everyone: male and female, beginner and advanced. Because there is no physical contact, the trainings are also popular among women.

Boxing has undergone an image change in recent years; it is no longer just for fighters. At LUCIE, we make every boxing match a party.

Besides getting fit and strong from boxing, it also gives you more self-confidence. Women feel increasingly unsafe on the streets. Nice if you can stand up for yourself in today's society. Boxing is in the top of most important trends within group fitness.

More info and trial lesson
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FAQ training in Rotterdam

Are the boxing classes for beginners?

The boxing classes at Boxing boutique LUCIE in Rotterdam are for beginners and advanced boxers. Everyone trains at his/her own level and is motivated by the trainers to go the extra mile. Our boxing basic classes focus on technique which gives beginners a good start for the classes in Rotterdam.

How does boxing work?

Various punches are offered during the lessons. We teach you these during the lessons. Want to know more about the technique? Then take a technique class.

The following punches pass every boxing class:

1. Jab, a quick, direct punch you make with the forehand
2. Cross,also a direct punch and performed with the back hand also called punching hand
3. Angle forehand & hindhand, is made by turning the body in and landing the arm which is at an angle of about 90 degrees horizontally against the target
4. Uppercut forehand & uppercut hindhand ("uppercut"), the fist leaves in a more vertical motion toward the target

Is there physical contact during boxing classes in Rotterdam?

No! No blue eyes during boxing classes at the training sessions at LUCIE in Rotterdam. You train on your own aquabag or sometimes on each other's gloves.

Can I take a trial class?

You can take a trial class at any time at LUCIE boxing in Rotterdam. Book your trial class here. You will receive an email from Virtuagym with which you can book a workout in our schedule. You do this on the day and time that suits you! This way you can experience if boxing is something for you and if the friendly atmosphere appeals to you.

Where in Rotterdam can I learn to box?

LUCIE is Rotterdam's Boxing boutique where training, visual elements and music are mixed. Having fun and learning to box go hand in hand. Our experienced trainers can't wait to get started with you. You can find LUCIE in the heart of Rotterdam, at Hofplein. Walking, by public transport, on your scooter... LUCIE is very easy to reach.

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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with the boxing discipline in a motivating 'club' atmosphere. Not a fight but a cool party! Train to a great beat and get results fast with our six punches formula.

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