Group lessons Rotterdam

Where can I follow group boxing training in Rotterdam?

When you want to learn boxing in Rotterdam, LUCIE is the place to be! Our professional boxing trainers can't wait to teach you this beautiful sport. The nice thing isThere is no physical contact. And therefore no blue eyes. Boxing classes are offered in groups and are suitable for men, women, beginners, advanced. You can join at any time.

Below we explain why training in groups helps you further learn boxing and our formula brings back the fun in sports.

Group Training Rotterdam

Did you know that when you exercise in a group your stress level is reduced? There are a number of other benefits of working out in a group. At LUCIE, you train in groups with like-minded people.

Benefits group classes:

  1. You train at a fixed time
    The schedule in the handy app Virtuagym is filled with different group classes from morning to evening. You schedule your classes yourself via the handy app. Group classes always take place on whole hours.
  2. You get great guidance
    All of our trainers are professionally trained trainers. For every workout, the trainer has a well-constructed workout with a warm-up, a 45-minute HIIT workout and a cool down. So you no longer have to design an effective schedule yourself. During the group lesson, the trainer watches you and guides you where necessary.
  3. You are more motivated
    Group training sessions keep you going longer than individual workouts. The trainer and your fellow athletes provide the right atmosphere and drag you through class. All group workouts are short, high on energy and varied. You will not get bored easily
  4. More connection
    Sports connect! You do the same exercise with your sports buddies. Workouts are for beginner & advanced.
  5. Better endurance
    In a group, you often do just a few more repetitions than in individual workouts. And also at a brisk pace. This quickly improves your stamina.

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LUCIE boxing basics
During the group lessons we teach you the basics. Even if you have never boxed before or your technique needs some attention. During the group boxing classes at Lucie in Rotterdam you will learn from our trainers everything about the correct posture and punches. The LUCIE boxing basics classes focus on using the correct technique.

Want to take as many classes as possible in a short period of time and thus learn boxing quickly? Then follow the 12-week program, designed by boxing pros & hardened Marines.

Learn to box with the LUCIE 12
With our 12 week program you will engage in unlimited group boxing for 12 weeks. During the first lesson the basics are taught. This gives you an ideal start for the upcoming boxing trainings at LUCIE boxing in Rotterdam. After these 12 weeks you will be a fan of boxing HITT training in club atmosphere (without physical contact)!

To give you extra motivation to participate in boxing classes, you will receive a cutting card. With this
you can earn gifts. This way you will enjoy going to all group boxing trainings!

Group training boxing in club atmosphere in Rotterdam
We offer High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with the boxing discipline as a starting point. But in a motivating 'club' atmosphere. Together we go loose for 45 minutes with the Six punches formula.

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Six punches formula:
X Music, led lights & aquabags
X 50 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
X Beginners and advanced
X Hard work and fun (no blue eyes)
X Fun trainers
X Kick back with a protein shake!

Want to try something other than boxing? Then follow one of our other group training programs.

Peachgang group training Rotterdam
A solid booty workout with a focus on the muscles "below the belt". Legs and booty are guaranteed to sour during this group class and get the right stimuli to get stronger, firmer and bigger.

Circuit group training Rotterdam
50 minute full body strength workout. In which all muscle groups and energy systems are addressed to become fitter and stronger.

Flow Yoga group training Rotterdam
Flow Yoga is accessible to everyone. During class you work with different postures and focusing your attention on different areas of the body. You will find that with regular yoga practice you will have more energy, be more aware of your body (posture) and breathing.

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With High Intensity Interval Training at LUCIE, you'll experience a "club" atmosphere and
also work optimally on your fitness.Trial classdo? Then get in touch
via thecontact formor call 010 - 341 0163.

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FAQ group lessons

Do your offerings consist of only group classes?

Our focus is on offering group exercise classes. Where you get the ultimate experience with a group of like-minded people.

In addition to group classes, you can also work with a personal trainer. You will then work toward your own specific goals and receive personal guidance.

How large is the group size?

A maximum of 25 individual (spacious) spots can be filled per group class. Everyone boxes on their own aquabag except for the buddy classes. During the occasional buddy classes, 2 people box on the aquabag.

On average, there are about 20 participants in classes during popular hours. As a result, the trainer has plenty of attention for you.

What is the level of group classes?

Everyone trains at his/her own level. Whether you are beginner or advanced, you will get the most out of your class.

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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with the boxing discipline in a motivating 'club' atmosphere. Not a fight but a cool party! Train to a great beat and get results fast with our six punches formula.

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