• Spitzen & plié's, or classical ballet, were her great passion for 15 years
  • Much interest in healthy food; but succumb to Koekela cakes
  • Prefers to spend her Sundays at home in front of the tube watching football

Eveline gives Join the #peachgang; the popular booty workout. Because of her years of experience as a classical ballet dancer, she is the right person for this. She pays extra attention to your posture!

Eveline makes squatting, deadlifting, lunges and hip bridge a "maximum" experience on a good beat. Her goal? To give you the very best start to your day and to show you that you can achieve good results with the right attitude.

This cheerful energetic lady does not sit still; every year she follows training courses in the field of nutrition & sports to stay all round.

Relevant c.v.; education nutritionist, group lesson trainer gym, personal trainer, classical ballet


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