Processing of personal data
When you take out a membership with us via the app, we ask you for a number of personal details. Your personal data will only be used to inform and contact you for which you have entered the relevant details in the app.

The processing of this data is subject to the laws and regulations (AVG). We never keep the data longer than is legally permitted. This differs per type of personal data. There is also camera surveillance in public areas, the retention period of which is 48 hours.

We ensure that the data is stored in a secure manner.

Provision of personal data to third parties
LUCIE has the following partner; Virtuagym to which relevant data is provided. With these partners there is a so-called processor's agreement, which guarantees security. Apart from these partners, LUCIE does not provide data to third parties without the knowledge of the members.

Right of access, rectification, withdrawal or erasure of personal data
As a member you have the right to inspect, rectify or delete your personal data stored in our database. To do so, please send an email to:

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