General Terms and Conditions

The general terms and conditions define each other's rights. We think it is important that everyone goes home happy, even if you run into something. There is a solution for everything!

Article 1: Definitions

Member: The consumer who has concluded an agreement with LUCIE Boutique Gym.
Boutique Gym: The building, with the name LUCIE, where facilities are offered to the Member. Location: Weena 101-103, Rotterdam. This is a private limited company registered in the Trade Register under number: 74296310.
App: The application used by LUCIE to sign up, find information and process payments.
Membership: the membership which the member agrees to with LUCIE

Article 2: General

  1. Every member of LUCIE is obliged to take note of the general terms and conditions and to observe the house rules.
  2. LUCIE may amend and/or supplement the General Terms and Conditions. Members can read this on the website.

Article 3 The offer

  1. LUCIE provides a description of the type of membership on the website. The offer is valid for the period indicated by LUCIE.

Article 4 Membership

  1. Your membership is valid when you accept the agreement via the app.
  2. LUCIE may refuse members in the event of a membership ban or when behaviour and/or expressions are not in line with the standards and values of LUCIE management.
  3. A member has 14 calendar days for reflection after accepting the agreement. He/she can then withdraw from the contract free of charge, but must pay for the services already received. If a member cancels within the cooling-off period, the welcome gift must be returned.
  4. The membership is personal, the member receives an access pass. If the pass is lost, the member pays 10 euros for a new pass.
  5. If a member wishes to switch memberships (where the new membership is the same or higher in price), the switch can be made with effect from the next payment period. 
  6. A member must be at least 15 years of age to become a LUCIE member. Members between 15 and 18 years of age need permission from a parent or guardian.
  7. Interim changes in personal data must be communicated by the member via the app.
  8. Misconduct, breach of house rules and non-payment entitles LUCIE to refuse access to the Boutique Gym. In these cases LUCIE will not refund the remaining amount of the subscription.

Article 5: Duration and termination

  1. The membership has different subscription periods:

Group lessons; day pass (1 day), fixed (1 year) and flexible (cancelable every 4 weeks).

Day pass: access to the Boutique gym on 1 day, no notice period

Fixed: after 1 year, a member can cancel each month at any time via this link cancellation. The notice period is 30 days.

Flexible: after 1 month, a member can cancel at any time via this link cancellation. The notice period is 30 days.

Membership Agreement will be recorded and invoiced per four (4) week period;

Personal training (hour and 10 rides)

Per hour; access to the personal training rooms for the duration of 1 hour, no notice period

10-ride card; access to the personal training rooms for the duration of 10 x 1 hour, no notice period

  1. If the member does not terminate the agreement after its expiry date, the agreement shall continue tacitly for an indefinite period.
  2. The member may terminate the agreement, with 30 days' notice, during the agreement if:
  • the member can prove that he/she has a different residential address (outside a radius of 60 kilometres).
  • the member has a demonstrable (by means of a medical certificate) injury or illness and it has become impossible to use the facilities.

Article 6: Access and opening hours

  1. LUCIE's facilities (with the exception of the reception and lounge) are accessible to members only. LUCIE reserves the right to deny any member access to the facilities.
  2. A member must register each visit to LUCIE's facilities (main hall and personal training rooms) by scanning the access card.
  3. An access pass is personal and non-transferable.
  4. LUCIE's facilities and group exercise classes are accessible during the opening hours as displayed from time to time on
  5. LUCIE has the right to make interim changes to the schedule, facilities and opening hours. In case of illness of a trainer LUCIE will always try to arrange a replacement or a catch-up session.
  6. LUCIE works with lesson registrations. The member must register via the app in order to follow the lesson offered. If the member does not register, LUCIE does not guarantee participation in the lesson in question.
  7. If the member wishes to cancel the participation, this can be done up to 24 hours before the class starts.

Article 7: Contribution

  1. LUCIE applies a registration fee of maximum 20 euro. In case of re-registration this will be charged again.
  2. Contribution goes by direct debit, 1 month in advance.
  3. In case of late payment the member has 2 weeks to pay the amount due. LUCIE will notify the member of the late payment via the app.

If the amount due is still not paid after the warning, LUCIE has the right to terminate the member's agreement. See also Article 4.7. Or LUCIE can call in a debt collection agency.

  1. LUCIE may change the membership fee during the term of the membership. LUCIE announces this within 4 weeks. In this case the member has the right to cancel the agreement within 4 weeks.
  2. LUCIE indexes fees once a year based on inflation data. The inflation rate is based on the consumer price index (CPI) established by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).
  3. No rights can be derived from special offers or promotions at a later date.

Article 8: Own risk and liability

  1. Each member uses the Boutique Gym facilities at their own risk. LUCIE and its staff are not liable for any damage or injury sustained while using the facilities.
  2. The member is liable for any damage he/she causes to LUCIE property.
  3. LUCIE is not responsible for loss or theft of property within the Boutique Gym.

Article 9: Complaints

  1. The member should submit the complaint to LUCIE within four weeks of discovery. For this purpose he/she can mail to:
  2. LUCIE will deal with the submitted complaint within four weeks (after receipt).
  3. If LUCIE and the member cannot resolve the complaint by mutual agreement, the member can appeal to the arbitration board.
  4. All disputes arising from the agreement between the member and LUCIE will be settled by the competent court in Rotterdam.

House rules


  1. We would like to know who is inside. Therefore, always bring your fitness card.
  2. LUCIE loves the healthy stuff: so no cigarettes, booze, drugs or doping.
  3. Store your belongings in a locker. We are not liable for theft or loss.
  4. Please keep the following in mind: leave the showers and toilets clean.
  5. Use indoor sports shoes in the hall: it's fresh.
  6. LUCIE hates mess: put things back in the same place.
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