Our story

Our story

LUCIE, who is that? Do you know her? Are you her?

When owners Bas and Errol were working on the formula for the boxing school, the goal was to create something that feels like dropping in on a close friend. LUCIE is someone you enjoy spending time with, someone who encourages you, your personal motivator - with boxing gloves.

That enthusiasm is unique. And the story behind it even more unique.

From marine to martial arts instructor
Bas and Errol have served in defense, the Marine Corps to be exact. There they served together for 32 years, in various positions. In 2007, their paths crossed. They were both in the
special forces, also known as Marsof: the terror unit at home and abroad.

In 2010, Bas obtained his training in Marsof Operator and sports instructor within the Marines. During that period, boxing won a place in his heart. Bas was responsible for martial arts, which played a major role in this unit. The focus was mostly on close-quarters combat or close combat where you are very close to the opponent, just like in boxing.

The benefits of a martial arts mindset
Becoming proficient in a martial art contributes to personal development and self-confidence, something Bas and Errol have learned during their time at Marsof and would like to share with everyone. The growth you experience by learning boxing is great, it helps with broadening and strengthening your character.

Bas knows better than anyone how important harmony between body and mind is. He trained Marsof Operators for 3 years; the cream of the crop. He also applies this level to training and programming at LUCIE.

"It's 80% a combination of mindset and character. The other 20% is physical. Yes, you have to be strong and have stamina, but once real work is involved it's about the attitude you have. Do you have the will to achieve something?

It's all about mental toughness. Mindset over muscles." - Bass

Training with the right equipment in a fine setting
Before and during their service at Marsof, Bas and Errol often faced limited and inadequate training facilities, especially during deployments. Such a situation requires intense physical effort, a top sport+ performance. However, there was often not enough time to train, but sufficient rest and proper nutrition were also not a given. These situations caused Bas and Errol to invent first
M.E.G.A. Sport Equipment and later LUCIE with the six punches.

In 2011, M.E.G.A. got off the ground with a container that is taken on deployment and can be completely expanded into a cool, atmospheric training facility with all the trimmings: The Deployment Box. Since then, the starting point for every training environment has been to create a fine, safe and pleasant environment in terms of materials, atmosphere and experience. The overall picture - from A to Z - should really be a vibe. From this line of thinking, LUCIE was born.

LUCIE with the six punches

Bas and Errol come from an environment where the vibe was not always special and where you often had to encourage yourself. So they were going to do that differently! But how? By bringing together support, experience and atmosphere in a pleasant environment, a positive undertone to underpin physical performance and opening a boxing gym where you feel at home, where everyone is welcome, but where you also get pulled by your hair and have to work.

LUCIE is: going completely fucked up with a smile on your face.

Why boxing?
Boxing is an intensive martial art that is pretty easy to master. There are only 6 different punches and in your first training you quickly understand what you are doing. From the second training you get the rhythm. The threshold at LUCIE is low, you will feel comfortable and not inferior to your fellow athletes. Just join in on your personal spot or hit the aquabag full throttle, as long as you do it your way and at your pace, you'll be fine.

Strength & conditioning play a big role at LUCIE, so in addition to boxing, strength exercises are also covered. You can achieve your goals in a relatively simple and effective way.

The golden formula
Staff is chosen for
vibe; entertainer, fun person, social and strong in their own way. The right mix of skills makes a balanced team which runs like a well-oiled machine. Bas and Errol enjoy working with people who are committed to others, who show character.

Especially the trainers must have social skills in addition to technical knowledge. They are given guidelines as to how to come up with a workout but are left free to put their own spin on a lesson. They make sure everyone feels welcome and at home. Like the Marsof, at LUCIE every participant is seen and heard, no matter what qualities you possess. You are always a part of the group, part of our community! Do you come in as a gray mouse? It is impossible to leave the same way.

"The power of a good workout is in the accessibility of the exercises. If you keep it easy then the experience of success is optimal, for anyone of any level." - Bas

Atmospheric sports
Leaving behind their challenging time in the Marines but using the strong mindset they gained as inspiration, Bas and Errol chose to make LUCIE lively and colorful. Examples from hospitality and clubs were used to design a venue where everyone is welcome.

A venue with industrial elements, urban street art and a comfortable lounge. LUCIE is inclusive, tough and raw but also cool and hip.

And you are part of the concept, part of our team.

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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with the boxing discipline in a motivating 'club' atmosphere. Not a fight but a cool party! Train to a great beat and get results fast with our six punches formula.

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